Living the Resurrection Life as the Body of Christ

Go into any Christian book store or Barnes and Noble, for that matter, and you will see a dazzling if not overwhelming array of Bible translations. There prolific presence reminds us that the holdouts for the 16th Century King James Bible no longer hold the church hostage in its communication to the street language of Elizabethan England,  Even the publishers of the King James Version have now created a more 21st century friendly version of the KJV called The New King James Version.

My purpose here is not to bash a version that blessed generations of English-speaking believers.  It is simply to make the point that the Christian faith is a living faith intended to bring truth and reconciliation to each new generation.  Although some churches believe faithfulness requires preserving ancient forms in every way, the Gospel has a vibrancy and eternality that comes from  its content, not its forms.

New generations produce new culture and each new culture has forms that contain and communicate its values.  New translations are a testimony that God is at work in the new culture. New translations are a reflection of importance of each new generation being connected to Jesus Christ.  Shifting values in a changing and fallen world are a tough enough barrier to overcome.  The communication of Gospel needs to break down those barriers and facilitate the all important truth that we need to once again in relationship with the Living God.  Bible translations are one of the tools God has given the church to share the Good News.


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