Living the Resurrection Life as the Body of Christ


“O God I am fearfully and wonderfully made …”

David’s words of praise express a foundational understanding for life in Christ.  We are created. Our creation is not an accident nor does it come from something so impersonal as a single cell of cosmic dust that begins an evolutionary journey to become a human being.  We are created for a purpose by the source of life itself, God. Our purpose is not to simply exist, coping with our environment, seeking to learn what it means to be human. Our purpose is to point people to our Creator by reflecting His image to the world and communicating the reality that we exist because of His love and grace. Our purpose is to be who we are blessed to be.

Why is that so objectionable a concept to contemporary humanity? Why is that idea relegated to the world of myth? Why are people urged to reject this reality in the name of being intelligent?

The answer for some is science. Science will not allow us to assert such an idea, except as an expression of faith. That, however, is to take a human bias and blame science for holding such a position. Science is not dependent upon the model of modernity that something cannot be true if it cannot be described and duplicated in a laboratory. Science in the 21st century understands that there are realities the defy simplistic explanations and go beyond our current ability to test and validate.

The answer is sin. It is sin that urges us to reject the idea that we are created by God. In fact, the Original Sin was for the creature to believe the lie that he could be equal to his creator.  That we did not need God.

This issue goes beyond the current debate of evolution vs creationism. The evolutionary theories require us to believe in the ultimate moral elevation of humanity–from unthinking cosmic dust to a reasoning and reasonable humanity that will chose to be live by the highest moral standards.  And it cannot explain the recurring cycles of absolutely horrible evil that still afflicts the world today.

The creationist theory is really an attempt to explain the world on the world’s terms. It wants to make a claim to be science so that the world will have to affirm its position as true. Creationism cannot explain, for example,  fossil remains as it seeks to defend its “young earth” claims. It looks to explanations (“evidence”) that can prove the Red Sea could be parted and was parted. Creationism can explain evil, but it makes God out to be a source of confusion because of the evidence He leaves lying around the planet or questions the Bible creates in people’s minds for which it does not bother to explain. (Where did Cain’s wife come from?)

God obviously is not concerned with explaining himself in every detail. He bids us instead to trust his integrity – i.e, to have faith in His design and to entrust our lives to His purpose. In fact, the Bible has harsh words who insist on proof on their own terms. To those who demand a sign as proof to his claims, Jesus said the only sign they would receive is the sign of Jonah – his death, burial and resurrection.

Ultimately, Christians are more concerned with the New Creation than with the Original Creation.  That creation is achieved by Christ’s death on the Cross to deal with our sin and its antigod choices, and His resurrection by which we are transformed into people who can live for God freed of the limitations sin had added to our lives.

To say we are intelligently designed is to acknowledge that there is Someone greater than  ourselves to whom we are accountable. To say we are intelligently designed is also to confess that we can be immeasurably more than we could ask or imagine. We can be that person because the Intelligent Designer was the personification of love.

Cosmic dust is, after all, simply dust.

(C) 2010 by Stephen L Dunn


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