Living the Resurrection Life as the Body of Christ


A friend of mine and a gifted writer, Kenneth Kemp, posted a blog today about Bethany Hamilton. Bethany was a budding surfing star when a shark attacked her, tearing off a leg.  This young woman’s career and life, for that matter might have been over.  But Ken writes:

“Her family surrounded her bedside, along with the entire surfing community on Kauai and from around the world.  But it was her church that led the prayer vigil.  Bethany’s faith had been implanted some years before.  It was about to blossom into a full-voiced message of hope, recovery and victory.

The stump that once was her arm healed rapidly.  Bethany, a determined, exceptionally strong teenager, set her sights on rehabilitation.   She adjusted, meeting life’s ordinary demands with a single arm; a single hand.  Everything from getting dressed, doing her hair, making a sandwich, carrying her books – all of it – new.  A state-of-the-art prosthesis provided by well wishers just got in the way.  She discarded it.  But hardest of all was getting back on the surfboard.  She could not quit.  She would not quit.  Just thirty days after the shark tore away at her young body, she was back in the water.  Paddling with one hand.  Catching the wave.  Getting up on her feet.  Balancing across the face.  All the old moves.  All new.

Her parents watched through their tears.

Now Bethany is twenty years old.  She competes against the best women in the world.  In 2005, she took first place in the NSSA National Championships.  The trophies fill a case displayed prominently in her home.”

Read the rest of her story on Ken’s blog LeaderFOCUS

So often as adults we are so concerned with our own struggles that we have trouble finding faith ourselves, let alone focusing on embedding a faith in our children. Blessed is the parent who does not neglect that task. And blessed is the church that prays.



  1. Thanks, Steve. Nicely done. Amen to that! Ken

  2. Sometimes I am a little brain dead, but it is Kenneth Kemp, not Kenneth Meyer. I have another friend named Meyer but he doesn’t write.

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