Living the Resurrection Life as the Body of Christ


This blog is dedicated to telling people about the Christian faith in three forms. One is explaining what Christians believe and what it has to do with living in the 21st century. This may be in the form of articles of spiritual interest, more in depth examination of biblical teaching, and articles that bridge the original message of the Bible and its audience and life context to the hearer today and their life context.

The second form is to tell stories of Christians living out their relationship with Jesus Christ. People, whose lives have been transformed by the Cross and Resurrection and what has been the result of that transformation.

The third form is to use our creative imagination in fiction, art, poetry, etc. to get a sense of the heart of people who are “living in the land of the dying on the way to the land of the living.”

Your input, your comments, your ideas are welcome. Even critics will be received with grace and respect. – Steve Dunn


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