Living the Resurrection Life as the Body of Christ

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The church I serve is experiencing a powerful revival.  The leading edge of that revival is our youth ministry, which we call BURN.  There are almost 100 different teenagers from our congregation, from our Agape Youth Center, and from our larger community.

The purpose of BURN is to help young people lead and influence their world by being passionately and unashamedly in love with Jesus Christ.  This is not generated by emotional experiences, but by a connection with God’s Word, a vision for being God’s people as kids.  At the center of BURN is a Wednesday worship gathering that weekly takes those kids into the presence of God and helps to be transformed by God.

And then the kids go out and reach out – helping their friends find Jesus, giving God a good name through their acts of service, and bringing honor to God by living Christ-like lives.

One of things that impresses adults when they encounter these kids is their passion and sense of purpose – rooted and grounded in Christ. Passion cannot be programmed. Passion comes from worshiping God and living daily with the knowledge that we are at all times in His presence.