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Reading: Luke 19.28-44

“I tell you … if they keep keep quiet, the stones will cry out.” – Luke 19:40

Have you ever been so excited about something that you just couldn’t keep it to yourself? Perhaps you have seen the “Jared” commercials, where the young women coyly announces to her friends her engagement and new ring by saying “He went to Jared.” The next thing you know she and her friends are bouncing and screaming excitedly, “He went to Jared! He went to Jared!”

You only have to be near a sport’s bar when the Phillies hit a home run or the Eagles score a touch down and you will hear unrestrained shouts for joy. Pure praise can rarely be contained.

However, not always. Let someone shout “hallelujah!” or “amen!” these days and you would might get a different reaction, depending on whether their idea of church is reflective and restrained or exuberant and celebrative. Or let a child speak out while the preacher is preaching, and all sorts of glances are directed towards a parent who is “not exercising control” over their little one.

The people of Jerusalem had high hopes for Jesus. He already spoke as one with authority. His courage and winsome spirituality intrigued them. His miracles gave them hope. They had one more hope, that he might be the David king the prophets had promised that would finally free them from the Romans. So when he entered Jerusalem, they gave him a boisterous parade of praise.

The Pharisees were not pleased. Either because of their fear of Roman reprisals or their jealousy towards Jesus’ following. They told Jesus, “Tell your disciples to be silent.” And Jesus response was basically, “It’s impossible. If they didn’t the very stones would cry out.”

Are we people of unrestrained and unashamed praise? Or are we people who fear what the world would think so we keep our opinions to ourselves?